Other natural beauty of Pakistan-Deserts

Desert is the area of Landscape or regions receives very low amount of precipitation, prohibited the growth of most of the plants. Mostly the deserts receives very low amount of precipitation that is less than 400 millimeters. The true deserts receive commonly less than 250 millimeters of annual precipitation and semi deserts receives between 250 to 400 millimeters.

Five major deserts hosted by Pakistan which are very famous and were historic forests, these are enlisted below:

  • Cholistan Desert
  • Indus valley Desert
  • Kharan Desert
  • Thal Desert
  • Thar Desert

The name’cholistan’ is derived from a Turkish word ‘chol’ which means ‘Desert’. Cholistan desert have span area of 16,000 square kilometers. This desert hosts the annual jeep rally by Aymen imtiaz, which draws many of the tourists towards it. It is situated thirty kilometers from Bahawalpur, province of Punjab Pakistan and spread over Sindh and into India. The language of Cholistan is Saraiki. One of the most famous authors of Saraiki language is Khuwaja Ghulam Farid, a sufi poet developers of the Saraiki language. The main livestock of the cholistanis are sheep, goats, and camel as the area is harsh and barren land with rare rainfall.

cholistan Desert

Indus valley desert lies between the region of two major rivers, the Chenab and the Indus River. The desert spread over an area of 19,500 square kilometers and is surrounded by scrub forests of northwestern region. The desert is drier than the northwestern thorn scrub forests, from freezing in winter and extremely hot in summer. The vegetation of the desert is quite varied because of the highly changing of the temperature. It is home for the large mammals included Wolf, leopard, hyena, caracal, Urial and 190 species of birds.

Indus Valley Desert

The Kharan desert got its identity and famous for used as nuclear testing by the military of Pakistan. It is located in Northeast Balochistan, and a centre of large empty Basin.

Kharan Desert

Thal Desert situated in Punjab Pakistan, included the vast area between two cities of Jhelum and Sindh rivers near the Pothohar Plateau. Recently a large project on irrigation of the land undergoes that makes most of the deserts suitable for farming.The region of the desert divided into different districts naming Khushab, Mianwali, Jhang, Layyah,Bhakkar and Muzaffargarh.Saraiki and Punjabi language spoken by the different tribes living here.

Thal Desert

Thar Desert covers the large area of both Pakistan and India, spans over an area of 446 square kilometers. It is specified as seventh largest desert and third largest in Asia and on the planet. Thar desert also known as the Great Indian Desert. The biodiversity of the desert is diversified in habitat and ecosystem included vegetation, human culture and animal life. About of 23 species of lizard with 25 species of snakes are found here. The variety of plants also present here.

Thar Desert

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