Pakistan Museum

Pakistan Museum

All those people who are interested to explore the history, then they must have to visit museums. For all those living in Islamabad and are natural history lovers the Pakistan Museum is an ideal place for them to unreveal the secrets of nature in an interesting way.

This museum is situated in Garden Avenue, Shakar parian Islamabad. In this museum there is great information on the different nature related subjects like rocks, animals, plants and fossils. Anyone can go to this museum on all weekdays from morning 10’o clock to 5’ O clock in the evening and Friday is an off day of the Museum. Students and children under age of 12 can visit this museum without any cost and entry ticket for Adult is at Rs 5.

There is virtual orientation gallery in the reception area of this museum. And it provides information about the natural resources of Pakistan and museum through an electronic touch system. On this electronic system movies and photographs related to nature are also displays.

There are five galleries in the museum, the Eco gallery, Palaeo Gallery, Tethys Gallery, The Bio Gallery and Gems gallery. Each of these galleries displays various feature of natural history.