Pari Lake I- Khapiro Lake

Pari Lake

Pari Lake is one of the Lake that is located in the Swat Valley; it is located in the foothills of highest mountains and has a considerable depth. The name pari or Khapiro is given to this lake because of the belief that this lake is the house of fairies, where they reside and bathe in the pure, cool and clear water of the lake. To the North east of the Utror Valley this lake is situated and one can get access there by trekking. Only those who have patience and love for nature can trek the way to this lake, because this trek is very dangerous and frustrating, the way is narrow bends and turns so more care should be taken. From Izmis and Kundal Lake this pari lake can be accessed, it takes 5 hours to reach to the top of the swat from Izmis and Kundal Lake. From both side the track is very sharp but the beautiful scenes in the surrounding, eye catching green meadows and beautiful flowers also boost the stamina of the trekkers and also force them to explore more.

Pari Lake

This lake is encircled by sharp rough rocks and mountains with grass and beautiful flowers. Pari Lake I is a small lake and a great Pari lake located below it is feeded by it. This lake is in triangular shape and is encircled by high peaks with the face to western lead to the greater Pari Lake. Gushing white waterfall from the around glaciers and mountains fill the lake with crystal clear water. This lake is sunken in Glaciers through the whole year except in the month of August and September. The Pari Lake I is important from the point of view that it is the major contributor to the huge Pari Lake. This lake has emerald green water, the Skytouching Mountains, the green highlands and the peaceful environment in the surroundings has a great potential to attract tourist toward this lake.

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