Peshawar-business hub

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“Peshawer” is the capital city of province Khyber Pakhtoon khuwa and economic hub of the tribal areas administered by the Federal government. Peshawar is actually a Persian word, which means “a city on the frontier”. Peshawar is a traditional most lively city in the region. Peshawar is educational and business hub of the region. Its population consists of people rural areas settled for earning some means of life and Afghan refugees other than Locals. It is one of the oldest cities of Asia. Peshawar city could be divided into the old and new city; old Peshawar has traditional old built houses and a few monuments as land marks of the Mughal era, which new city exhibits the modern building structure and many famous hotels. Mosque Mohahabat khan could be called the finest example of Mughal Arcitucture. Being Business hub of the region Peshawar’s has many crowded markets. The Massive structure Qila Bala Hisar is a must visited place for tourists, this fort was built by the first Mughal Emperor Baber. Another place which tourists must not miss while touring Peshawar is the Peshawar Museum; which is also known as Victoria Memorial hall.

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Tourists enjoy shopping in Peshawar. Peshawar’s markets are one of the busiest markets of Pakistan. Qissa Khwani Bazar, Meena Bazar and Khyber Bazar are the few you must visit to enjoy the shopping experience in the Peshawar.

In Peshawar city there are many other places which visitors would like to see. Some of the places that tourists would like to visit are Shahi Bagh, Forest Museum and Tatara Park. If you have a longer stay in Peshawar you will enjoy visit to Khyber Pass. Which is at 18 Km distance from Peshawar city and joining Afghanistan to the sub continent. A tour to Peshawar is not just a tour to a city but it’s a tour to the traditions of Pakhtoon ethnic groups.