Peshawar- city of flowers

Peshawar is the Capital of Khyber Pukhtunkhwan and is one of the largest cities in Pakistan. It has very tremendous history; it has political and military importance due to the Khyber Pass. Peshawar name is derived from Sunsikrat word “Pushpapura” meaning a city of flowers. In Mughal Emperor Babur’s memories Peshawar flowers were mentioned. It has a population of 950, 000 people and covered an area of 1275 sq. Peshawar city is divided into three parts one is old city, other is cantonment and last one is modern residential area. The weather and climate of Peshawar is considered as the healthiest climate of Pakistan. It has an average temperature of 30-35 degree C and Peshawar is also one of the visitor’s attractions around the year.

The main specialty of Peshawar is Peshaweri chappli kabab served with naan, it is a spicy beef mince mixed with green chilies, corn flour, tomato and eggs.  A traditional tea, qehwa, there are many qehwa khanas, where there is a perfect relief for the tired travelers, people come to get relief from the tiredness and enjoy the hot qehwa in cold weather. The decorations, styles, brass samovars, hookas and colorful China teapots and small bowls of same colors are same at all qehwa khanas. It is served hot; it is not the normal black kind tea it is without milk. It is made from bottle green colors that are the reason the name green tea is given to it.

People of Peshawar are very hospitable to their guests and there are different places to visit, different beautiful shopping malls and you can get everything in these malls. There are different verities of restaurants and you can get the complete comfort here. Sardar yab is a special place for fishes, it is a small picnic spot, and different types of cooked fishes are served.