One of the many forts in cholistan built by Rajput chieftain, kot pulara is one of the forts which are built by Rajput. It is situated near the dry bank of river Sarasavti.ther was a chain of forts to protect the city from the enemies, which was defended by raj put. Legends of romance, intrigue bravery, and betrayal are steeped deep into the foundation of this fort. These are in excellent conditions in 1950’s and 1960’s.there was defensive walls, battlements towers and   residential palaces were in original shapes. There was a well for drinking water inside the fort. There was rain reservoir which is known as tuba, which is use by cattle, camels, and horses as they pass nearby.

There is a vivid memories of forts morrow and pulsar which was describe by a Dado Mires a folk singer in his song with melodious voice, in his balled song he reveals a romantic story of a princess who belong the kot murrat. In his song he told us that about a beautiful princess who lives in this fort always plead for her lover to come and fetch her like a king or like a storks who fetches a fish out of the river. Princess was so beautiful that she was called PHULAN (the flower princess) that’s why this fort is known as Phulara fort. Whenever tourist came to visit this fort they will go to see the phulan shahzadi da burj, means towers of flower princess. These towers were visible from the long distance and served as the light house. This fort shows the glory of the bygone days. The massive compound of phulana fort and the romantic burj of phulan princess were no longer once. The national heritage was mercilessly plundered.

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