Places To Visit In Pakistan-Land Of Wonders

All over the world like other visiting countries Pakistan is also very famous for tourism. People come to visit Pakistan from all around the world for its unique tradition, culture, music, food and most importantly for the people because of their love and caring attitude. Pakistan has some highest mountain peaks and some worth watching beautiful and attractive mountain ranges around the world. Pakistan’s few major cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan and Peshawar having all latest life amenities, latest infrastructural facilities, business centers and modern lifestyles, etc. Previous Pakistan’s inhabitants were Stone Age. They were pursuing by the development of Indus Valley. Those civilizations prosper during 23rd to 18th centuries BC.

From the ancient period of civilization Pakistan has several attraction places for tourism such as Harappa, Taxila and Mohenjo-Daro in hill stations of Himalayan. Mostly, the people who are fascinated with sports ground and winter sports are attracted to it. Due to various mountain peaks in Pakistan, the people who are mountaineers and adventurers from all over the world get attracted towards it and visit the country for their own sake. The mountain peaks of Pakistan are above 7000m high. In Pakistan’s northern part, there are several old towers, fortresses and other structural design too. Chitral and Hunza valleys are also lie in northern areas of Pakistan.

River Jhelum is the battle site of Alexander that lies in Punjab. It is also one of the main worth watching attraction places for tourists in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Lahore is the cultural capital, which has a great number to explain about Architecture of Mughal’s. According to the opinion of tourist’s worth watching places for visiting Lahore are Jahangir’s Tomb, Shalimar Garden, Lahore Fort and Bahshahi Mosque. The culture of Pakistan is very different and unique. Pakistan is now invaded by including different peoples like Eurasian, Arabs, and Persian groups. Culture in Pakistan is not only unique, but also it moves around the social and ethical values. Now western culture is adopted vastly in Pakistan because of the globalization. Another specialty of Pakistan is its food. Lahore is the most excellent place of food for tourism.

People who live in Lahore are very food loving they have no limit to eat. In Pakistan, the industry of tourism is progressing day by day. There are several travel bureaus that arrange trips and provide a large number of packages to the tourists. These tours are incredibly informative. The offered packages also include the Pakistani cultural tours like a tour to Bahawalpur, Mohenjo-Daro, Lahore, Multan, Sukkur, Harappa, Karachi, and Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. To understand the different Pakistan dimensions to the tourists the given packages will help them. These dimensions consist of culture, food and beauty of the landscape. There are few most popular hotels that provide the tourist finest living atmosphere that makes the tourist feel at home.

All over the world, these Pakistan’s most important cities have well known hotels like Pearl Continental Hotel, Holiday Inn, and Lahore country club. The most excellent Western Hotel of Islamabad which is exceptional for executive class to fulfill all the requirements of businessmen. The most popular hotels in Karachi are Hotel Marriot and Sheraton Hotel. These hotel’s rooms have all the amenities of audio video for lest of disturbance in meetings.


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