Provinces of Pakistan

In South Asia next to India the second largest Muslim community is Pakistan. Next to Indonesia it is also second largest Muslim populated community worldwide. After, separation from India in South Asia Pakistan was considered as one of the poorest country. But due to the continuous hard work, struggle, with the help of irrigation facilities and wide arable land Pakistan has been emerged into most developed nation in South Asia. Despite of the global economic crises it continued to grow, because of the hard working nature of Pakistan people it is a rapidly growing country and the positive point is its agricultural expertise.

Pakistani areas are differs like the products produced by the agricultural sector and exports. Pakistan has four provinces and five rivers. Areas of Pakistan are as follows.

Baluchistan Province: Baluchistan Province of Pakistan covered an area of 347, 190, it has 20 Districts and 6 Divisions.

Punjab Province: Punjab province covered an area of 205, 345 Sq. km and has 32 districts and 8 Divisions. It is an urban area of Pakistan where most of the famous products are found. It is dense populated area and there are plenty of commercial establishments.

Khyber Pukhtun Khwan (NWFP): it covers an area of 74, 521 Sq km, it has 17 districts and 6 divisions. In Pakistan this area is a settlement of provincially managed tribal areas.

Sindh: other most important province of Pakistan is sindh, it covered an area of 140, and it has 7 Districts and 4 divisions.

The name of five rivers of Pakistan is

  • River jhelum
  • River Chenab
  • River Ravi
  • River satlej
  • River Bias