“Quetta” being capital city of Province Balochistan is on western edge of the country and connected to country through well organized transport network i.e. Roads, Railways and airways. Before the earth quakes of 1935 it was known as mini Paris.

Its height from the sea level is approximately 1600 meters, Quetta international airport is 2nd highest Airport in Pakistan. PIA and a few others Airline have regular flights to the major cities of Pakistan and as well as a few international cities such Manchester, Dubai and New York.
Command and Staff College which was established by the British, Bolan Medical College, Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University and the Geological Survey of Pakistan are the prime educational and research organization of the city.


Quetta has the thrilling locations for both Pakistani and foreign visitors. Liaquat Bazar, Suraj Gang Bazaar and Shahrah-e-Iqbal are the attractions for the tourists visiting Quetta. In markets a wide range of Balochi and Pashtoon handicrafts. For the visitor interested in traditional food; there is a verity of dishes to try. One of the most famous cuisines is Balochi Saji, which is available at various spots of the city such as Prince Road and Jinah Road. Another delicious food item is one of Pashtoon tribal cuisines “Landhi” which is made of a whole lamb; dried in the fresh air of winters and preserved for further use.

Hanna Lake, and hill ranges surrounding the 10 Km area; is an attraction for tourists and holidaymakers, boat ride and the lakeside restaurant are the attractions for the hikers and campers visiting the Lake. Moreover Hazarganji National Park at 20 km in south-west of Quetta city also an exotic place for the visitors, many wild animals are protected in this area, most famous amongst those is Chiltan Markhors.
A Geological Museum in Quetta; on Sariab Road, is also worth seeing. Visiting Askeri Park may be a good amusement for the children. Quetta holds a number of cultural and religious activities.