Rajanpur is the city in the province of Punjab. Rajanpur is a district and according to the census the city has the population of more than 10 million people. The city has 3 tehsils and more than 30 union councils. The life of the city is very peaceful and pleasant. People living in Rajanpur mostly speak siraikii and a few of the people also speak Balochi.


Rajanpur is famous for the production of wheat, maize, rice, cotton and a few cereals are also cultivated here. People of Rajanpur are mostly farmers and are very kind and hard working. The major method of irrigation is the canal irrigation method. This method is not the new one since from the beginning the water demands by the farmers are being fulfilled by same method i.e. canal irrigation system. The city itself is not a backward area infect it has many latest technological labs in hospitals and many of the latest advancements are present there.


Talking about the literacy rate of the city we come to know that the city is full of schools and colleges with great teaching staff and every of the new facility is present there.


The major problem which the people of Rajanpur face is the floods coming after every rainy season in the province of Punjab. As the city is located at the bank of river Indus so every upcoming flow in the river directly affects the city in many aspects. Due to floods not only the life in the city is disturbed but also the agricultural crops are being ruined and destroyed by the nature.


There is a small power plant situated in the city. This plant yields a very low amount of energy but this energy is quite sufficient for the propagation of tube wells.


aken.  Because of low literacy rate and spreading of hepatitis may lay it in darkness and therefore away from development.