Ranikot fort-Great Wall of Sindh

Ranikot is one of the largest forts in the world, covering an area of about 26kms. It is situated in the Kirthar range, in the Jamshoro district in the Southwest of Sann, Sindh, Pakistan. To the north of Hyderabad it is about 90 kms. An approximate diameter of it is about 6 km. its wall are approximately 6 meters tall and are made from lime cut sandstone and gypsum. In Pakistan it is also known as “Great Wall of Sindh” also called “Deware Sindh” because it has resemblance with the Great Wall of China. There are two more fortresses within Ranikot and that are Shergarh Fort and Meerikot Fort both have 5 fortresses each. The inside Merikot and the main Ranikot have same entrance arched, from the military point of view Merrikot is situated at very secure and at the center of the Ranikot with the arrangements for residence including water well. At present only Global Baloch tribe is residing in the area of Ranikot. For Gabol’s this place has been a virtual village who can earn their income by providing tours to the tourists and also by low level farming. And now the chief of the tribe Gabol Nabil Gabol is trying to catch Sindh’s Government funds and build up this place into an international tourist spot.

The huge fort of Ranikot has fortification walls that are 35m high and linked barren hills. In the first quarter of 19th century this fort was constructed, about 5-6 miles inside the main gate there is a small fortress that have very royal residence for the Mirs ruling families, on the south of the fortress there is double door gates. Inside the gates two forts are ornamented with carved stones and floral designs. The entire architecture of the fort is limited to lime and stone.