Rediscovering History – Moen jo Daro

Histories make men wise; poets, witty; the mathematics, subtle; natural philosophy, deep; moral, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to contend. -Francis Bacon

The sub-continent has a deep connection to ancient history within its soil. Moen jo Daro or the Mound of the dead is also one such proof of this statement. Its a 5000 year old legacy and a famous tourist spot for nationals and foreigners alike who want to submerge themselves in this archaic well built and disciplined city.

It dates back to 3rd millenium BC. This civilization is as old as the Ejypt civilization. Even though its ruins remain, but they also speak of nothing but perfection.

The houses are made of mud bricks. The city’s drainage system reminds us of the modern drainage system. The language written on their art scriptures is yet to be deciphered by historians since its code language.

Moen jo Daro is also been included in the United Nations Cultural Heritage. This land reminds us of death and that no being is immortal. It is said that some natural disaster such as floods or sand storms destroyed this well organized city.

Moen-jo-Daro is in Sind in its Larkana district along the Indus Valley and you can get there by road or by flight. It has also been of particular interest to ancient culture students and historians since its discovery in 1922 before the independence of Pakistan. Visitors wanting to stay overnight can stay at the PTDC motels.

Close to this site is also the Moen jo Daro museum where you can find all the discovered artifacts.  If you visit this place in summers, it will boil you off so its better to visit this between summer and winter.It will take you one day to complete this tour to the past.

Moen jo Daro is one of the places in the world which is living proof of man’s involvement in making a welfare society since the beginning of time. The city also looks very environmentally friendly. And if you still want more history, be sure to visit Harrappa! You may not want to come back here again but it is definitely recommended for history lovers particularly those who love Ejypt.

You’ll leave this city bearing a thought in mind that nations may come and go, but the ones who were successful will remain on the earth forever as a lesson to others. And while you’re leaving, buy sindhi ajraks, which are traditional cloth worn by women in Sindh!