Rush Pari Trek

Rush Pari Trek

Rush pari trek is very demanding it is located in Hunza Nagar area, gives you a great view of Baintha Brak. Rush pari lake is a turquoise lake of 4694m on the ridge between the Barpu Glacier and Hispar Valley with unbelievable mountain views. All the huge peaks of Hunza Valley are visible in a 360 sweep. The 1500m tough climb to the lake takes two days in combination with Barpu Glacier trek. Due to the fast increasing height and elevated altitude at Rush Pari, and lack of water camping is not possible. Only those can do this trekking who is used to it. As compared to other regions the stages charged by the porters make it a costly trek.

The Karakoram Mountains where it is called “Roof of World” located Rush Pari Peak. By the local standard it is not a peak oh very high elevation. The notable thing is that it is a remote hiking destination. Through hopper village, Barpu Glacier and Hopper glacier it can be reached by Nagar valley. During summer month one can easily climb it, at the top of this, on a clear day it will gives you a very amazing view of Miar Peak and Miar Glacier, from here one can see the world’s highest peaks including Broadpeak and K2 at the east. At the base of the mountains there is one of the world’s highest alpine lakes, named as Rush Lake.

Rush Lake

For those who are trekking for the first time in Pakistan then the best option for them is Rush Lake Trek, it is located in the center of the Hunza valley. This trek leads you to the most beautiful mountains the beauties on earth. After passing through meadows, terraced fields and glaciers you will reach to Rush Lake.