Sawat-beautiful valley

Sawat is basically a valley and we can say that it is the most important district of Khyber Phakhtoon Khua in administrative means. Location of Sawat is nearer to the Pak Afghan border and lies above the Sawat River. The land of Sawat is full of beauty and we can say that the nature is truly in its original form and the blessings of Allah Almighty are on their peak. The land of Sawat is filled with the terrain and the beautiful green mountains and the fresh water lakes are annoying and are the major cause of tourist attraction. The beauty is in such a way that we can say “Heaven on the earth”

The basic language spoken in Sawat is the one and only Pashtoo (Pakhtoo).

Sawat has a very great cultural background and the culture relates about the Buddhism. There is a great museum located in Sawat which is full of the marvelous, unique and surprising antique pieces of several kinds related with the daily life of the followers of Buddhism. Along with that there are also some of the statues of Buddha which has created a lot of attraction for the archeological minds. For the sake of ancient knowledge many tourists come to Sawat. There are a lot of places in Sawat which all have their separate importance and attraction by the tourists. One of the most visiting areas of Sawat is “Malam Jabba” the area is filled with ice throughout the year. People living in Pakistan plan several picnic programs in the summer vacations and most of them move towards Sawat.

The economy of Pakistan has great dependence on the beautiful valley of Sawat because there are a lot of natural resources and some of the livestock also comes up from Sawat. There is a mine of China clay in Sawat and this mine is the major source of china clay production in Pakistan.