Sawi Mosque- an oldest mosque

Multan is an oldest city and also known as city of saints, there are many old buildings which are still famous all over the country. It includes different shrines of sacred people like Bahauddin Zikariya, Shah rukne alam, Shah Shams and some other, people from different part of the country came and pray, there are also some old mosque in Multan among them one of the oldest mosque is Sawi Mosque, it is situated in Kotla Tolay Khan Multan, it was constructed during Mughal time it is a masterpiece of Mughal architect as well as has historical importance. It was construct in the period of Shah Jahan and Aurangzaib emperor. It is as old as around 600 700 years. And is considered as one of the oldest mosque and it is still present although it has no roof and almost all of its decoration has been blemished. Some parts of this mosque are still unharmed which shows that glassy tiles are still used for the embellishment. People of Multan want that Government have to pay attention to its construction as they are paying toward other historical buildings and donating funds for their construction, Sawi mosque alos need to be reconstructed and regain its beauty and decorations.