Shahbaz commercial- a food place

Shahbaz Commercial

Some of the places in Karachi are very famous from different point of views some places are famous from shopping point of view and some are famous for the traditional food and some are famous for fast food. There are different places where everyone can enjoy and can get different kinds of food there. One of the most famous food places is “Shahbaz commercial”. This area is gradually developing into a new Zamzama. Large numbers of crowded restaurants are moving toward Shahbaz commercial for setting up their new business. Trendy restaurants and cafes are stared their work on right, left and in center. Shahbaz cum Zamzama is a like playground of rich man where majority of the restaurants and cafes customers are belong to upper middle class and rich people of society. Best places for enjoying for best sheesha in town is Studio Café, there are special arrangements for Sheesha, the most interesting thing about this place is that once when you have finished your food a photographer take you downward in the basement for a photo shoot and then you can obtain a CD containing your photos, it is the best way to keep memories of your visit in Shahbaz Commercial.

Kaps Café which is flower shop cum coffee shops two in one. Sumptuous Cheescakes and some other sweets recipes is the most popular, one of the most famous café is Espresso café in town no one can forget it. Best western style breakfast of the town is served there. There are more outlets of Espresso in town but the most famous branch is this one, The Diner it is newly opened seems to be a pretty well restaurant and is offering great continental food. Sawasdee is well known for its tangy hot and sour Thai food some other fast food restaurants apart from mentioned above are Subway and Pizza Hut.