Shahdola Durbar Gujarat-house of rat children

Punjab, according to population is largest province of Pakistan.  It is very famous for its culture, tradition, food and languages. The Punjabi language is mother language of Punjab province. Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujarat, Waziradad, Ghakkar, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Islamabad are the major cities of Punjab province.  Punjab s very important province as it has the capital city of Pakistan. Gujarat is very famous city of Punjab province. It is very famous for the production of clay pottery and also for the fan industry. The clay pots and fans of Gujarat are exported in all over the Pakistan. The Channab River flows along the Gujarat. There are many small and large villages situated in Gujarat.

The most famous place of Gujarat is Shahdola Durbar Gujarat. It is small but very popular shrine in all over the Pakistan and also in other countries. It is the shrine of great Sufi saint “Hazrat Syed Kabeer uddin Shahdola who also known as Drayai Gunj Baksh and was born in 1581.  People and followers from all over the Pakistan come here to pray for their success, wealth, and offspring. People say that they attain their all desires and wishes after praying on Shahdola Durbar.  The actual reason of its popularity is rat children. There are about hundreds of rat children kept In Shahdola Durbar. These rat children visits all over the Pakistan. People say that rat children are very special and blessed children gifted by almighty Allah. If these rat children pray for anyone, his all wishes come true. Thousands of people come to visit Shadola durbar on Urs Pak (annual death anniversary) in Shahdola Durbar. If anyone has handicapped and in other words we can say the rat child, they give their rat child in Shahdola durbar as they say that this child came in their house by the blessing of Allah now this rat child should stay forever in Shahdola durbar.