Shalimar Tomb

Lahore has many historical places and is known as cultural hub, there are many worth seeing places that must be visited. Shalimar Graden is one of them.

Shalimar Garden was constructed by Shah jahan in 16 Century, it is a great picture of beautiful architecture design. During 16th to 19th century it was used by Mughals as the Royal pleasure Garden. This garden saw its worst days in 1818 when it was ruined by Ranjit Sing, a Sikh ruler and was used as stable. It again gain its value during English time from 1842-1947 and was again open to the public. This Garden was re-established by Pakistan Government after English and now it is used as the most famous hangout place.

In the garden there are beautiful fountains which were run by camels but now these fountains are run by electric motors occasionally. There is a great defense wall around this garden and was constructed in the Mughal period.

Shalimar Garden has an arrogant freedom on being a place of all significant stage to welcome. At the exterior of the Shalimar Garden the famous cultural festival Mela Chiraghan has been held every year in the month of March. On the first and second terrace of the garden special arrangements of the lights have been made and this area is lighted up after half an hour of sun set.