Shandur Pass-world highest Polo ground

When someone thinks about the horse race than the first thought that comes in mind about the place where there is highest mountain all around. There is nothing in the surroundings apart from tall peaks and grassy lush green ground under your feet. You feel the sky very close to you as there are no trees, and you feel like you can touch the sky. A light cold breeze blowing there when you inhale the air you feel it very clear and pure. The grassy ground will gives you the feelings of something very fresh and enchanting. You can also take a view on the culture of that area, the courage and boldness of the people, different traditions and available resources inspired you most then an idea come in your mind that this is the best place for polo game.

This is the Shandur ground having remarkable memories of your life in the highest polo ground of the world. Sometime our thoughts lead us to a big festival or event. It has been the part of the history that rulers and emperors thought a harmony and peace with such blessing and beauties of nature. Natural beauty always provides you the soft feelings and game always gives you the supremacy of decision and a positive kind of firmness. Both of these characters are necessary for being a human being. Polo is known as the game of games.

The origination of Polo game started back in 6th BC in Central Asia. Initially it was just a training exercise for cavalry of king’s security guards. In the start there were 100 players at each side at that time it was like a small battle. Later on it became the national game of Persia, after that it also reaches to Arabian countries and then China, Japan and Tibat.