Shangrilla Lake- Heaven on Earth

Shangrila Resort Skardu also named as “Heaven on earth” and is located among the tallest peaks in the world. It encloses the “Kachura Lake”, a heart shaped lake, and is also encircle by flowers and fruits filled gardens. This lake is also called lower Kachura Lakem, it is also a part of the shangralla resort. At a drive of 20 minutes from skardu Shangrilla lake is located. It is most famous tourist spot, and it has many exclusive restaurants that is constructed on the fuselage of an aircraft that had crashed in close proximity.

Shangrila was developed in 1983 and also opened the very first resort Hotel in Skardu. Due, to its amazing, wonderful and breathtaking beauty and views, it is named as “Heaven on earth” it has very calm atmosphere. The first commander of the North Scouts of Pakistan Army Muhammad Aslam Khan had constructed this resort hotel. It was named after a novel “Lost Horizon” which is the story about an aeroplane that is crashed in proximity to riverbed. The left passenger were taken to a beautiful place filled with different fruits and flowers, the peaceful place was named shangrila-la the word has meaning “heaven on Earth” that the reason it is named as.

Lake Site cottages: these cottages have a very magnificent view of the lake. These cottages are equipped will all facilities and amenities of suites like room services, laundry, telephone and TV.

Swiss cottages: These Swiss cottages consist of two bedrooms with attached baths and interlinked rooms for families.

VIP suites: these VIP suites in Shangrilla Resort consist of rooms with full accommodation and amenities.