Sheesh Mahal: A Palace of Mirrors

The famous Sheesh Mahal is also called Palace of Mirrors and is located in the north-east corner of the Lahore fort (Shahi Qilla). This is the most beautiful palace in the Royal fort and is decorated with small mirrors of different colours set.

Sheesh Mahal was constructed by Shah Jahan in 1631.  This is the luxurious place of resort particularly during summer months with rest rooms of a long hall at its either end, opening on to the brilliantly dazzling Veranda that looks at the marble paved quadrangle with a fountain in the middle side.

The mirror reflects the stars and the bedrooms presents, in its ceiling, the panorama of a star lit Sky. The exterior wall of the Sheesh Mahal presents the beautiful mosaic paintings that depict everyday sport of the Mughal princes for the enjoyment of the people who used to gather below the fort not only to have a view of the emperor sitting in the Jharokha, but also to admire the brilliance of colours on the wall.

Here one can observe the great art of that time in the form of galloping horses, humped camels, elephant ride, hunting scene, animal fights, horse man plying polo, camel fights, figures of angels, demon head sand moving clouds, horse and elephant riders crossing Swords and verities of floral and geometrical designs. From Sheesh Mahal, one can have a magnificent view of the Badshahi Mosque built by Aurangzeb and the Minar-e-Pakistan. At night, this view is really stunning.