Shundar Pass festivals

Shandur pass polo ground is the world highest polo ground. Shandur pass is about 12,200 high above the sea level. It is situated in the northern area of Pakistan. It is the highest mountain pass that linked Chitral to Gilgit in Pakistan. A route between two mountain ranges is called Pass. In this location there are three mountain series, Pamir, Karakoram and Hindukahs meet. That is why this is called the roof of the world. Shundar Pass is plane, plateau and can be passed in April late and in the start of November. Khowar language is speak by the Shundar Pass people

The ruler of Mosku in 1920s, it is a place between Chitral and Gilgit, was ordered by his king to support assimilation within this land via polo match among the best game player. The idea of playing Polo game in the Shundar Pass is first suggested by Col Evelyn Cobb he was a Polo player himself. A game among the best team of the Chitral and Gilgit had been played. Since that time polo tournament has been played every year on Shundar top between the opponent team from Chitral and Gilgit. Every year in July this game is held. Since 1936 this game has been held annually. Apart from polo other festivals are like dancing, music, and campaign village are also set up.