Sialkot- birth place of Allama Iqbal

Sialkot is located in Punjab Province, Pakistan. It is situated near to Indo- Pak boarder; it is about 125 km from the capital of Punjab, Lahore.  The city is well known for being the birth place of our national poet ALlama Iqbal. It is centuries old city; it was constructed by Raja Sul according to a tradition. Some 5000 years ago after his death there is a tradition that a family carries for almost 1500 years then this country was caught by flood and remained a deserted area for 1000 years. It is a very famous belief that this city was re-discovered in the period of Vikramaditya of Ujjain by Raja Salivahan, who constructed the city and fort and gave its present name. It is said that the meaning of the name of the city is “fort of sia”, as sia is a caste which discovered the city in ancient time.

The population of this city is 500,000 and it covers an area of 2,067sq mi, spread on the southeast from the Ravi valley and on the northwest to the Chenab River. It is the birth city of our national poet Allama Iqbal, it is situated in the Kashmiri Mohala iqbal’s grandfather in 1861 purchase the house and moved in this house from Mohala Khatikan, because of it’s linked with Iqbal, Government of Pakistan purchased this house and set it as a museum, and now it is open for the visitors.  This city is also considered as the city of talented people, there is a best cricket stadium where many international matches have been held and is also called Jinnah Park.