Simli Dam – An Exotic Picnic Spot

Around 30 km east of Islamabad, near Bhara Kahu is the largest drinking water reservoir for the residents of Islamabad, which is called Simli Dam. Islamabad is a peaceful capital city of Pakistan. It is full of natural beauty, hills covered with lush green grass adds value to the charm of this city. The Simli Dam is another pearl hidden deep among the glorious mountains of Islamabad.

The Simli Dam is built on the River Soan and it is 80 meters high. It covers approximately 28,750 acres’ area. The water comes to Simli Dam from the Murree Hills’ natural spring and melting snow. The dam’s construction was begun in 1972-73 and it was completed in the year 1983. One can easily reach to Simli Dam from Convention Center Islamabad, about 10 to 15 minutes drive towards Murree, and a road turning to the right is Simli Dam road. From this road onwards is a 30 minutes drive to Simli Dam.

Simli Lake attached with the dam is one of the good recreational places constructed by the CDA (Capital Development Authority), Islamabad. The Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan facilitates water sports activities such as boating, skiing and sailing at the lake. One can capture the best views of Simli Lake from Ban Karor Road near Bassi. People come to the lake to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant time with their family. They can also hire a boat and enjoy great fishing opportunities. But for fishing, they need to get permission from CDA (Capital Development Authority), Islamabad. The lake’s beauty is enlightened more in the months from April to September.

There is also a Guest house located at Simli Dam which is also operated by CDA, Islamabad. After taking permission from CDA, one can book a room to stay in the guest house. The dam and the lake look exotic in the lights of the guest house.