Siri Paye- the most amazing place

Pakistan has many beautiful and amazing natural sights that amazed everyone and after seeing them one feels that these are the true reflection of beauty and peace. Siri Paye is one of them; it is 6 km away from Shogran. One can get access there either by hiring jeep or through hilly track. It is a bumpy road but it is full of fun and adventure. Some of the turns are so dangerous that just take your breathe. But when you reach Siri Paye you really feel being awarded after covering dangerous and spin journey. On the way you will meet many local kids chasing you and also you will find salesmen selling you the “Aloochas” and wild barriers at very low rates.

The Makra peak at the magnificent height of 1200 feet, show you the most dramatic and majestic view of Paye gives you the pleasing merge of lakeside walks with above a vivid blue sky make the “Siri Paye” the most attractive place for the visitors.

At Siri there is a very beautiful rest house which shows the enchanting vision on all four sides. There is a majestic, peaceful and the frozen blue water river. The beauty perfectly lies in the grazing cattle, green pasture and gradual slopes. The beautiful snow covered Snow Mountains, the pure nature, thriving wild flower beds and the alpine tress; all these things make you feel like out of the world.

Clouds float on the place all over the day and give different hues and shades to the flowers. Many wild flowers are sprout and August and May. The locals play flute and dance, or plays on the slopes. Siri Paye is at 3000 meters above the sea. That’s what actually Paye means.