Sukkur: city of river Indus


Sukkur is third biggest city of Sindh province after Karachi and Hyderabad. With passing waves of time, Sukkur has maintained its beauty and has increased its worth. It is main hub of merchants and local business dealings in Sindh. People from nearby villages and small towns come here for different purposes.

There are universities and colleges present in the vicinity of the Sukkur city. It is surrounded by various other towns and villages. Most of these towns are trade centers of their own sort. As Sukkur city lies between Karachi and Quetta therefore all of the trade dealings are done here.

One of the biggest dams of Pakistan sukkur dam is situated here. It is very beautifully built and is a real example of architectural and technical wits of engineers. There are many beautiful and historical buildings. If you want to visit green villages and serene sceneries of Pakistan, Sukkur is a worth visit place.

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