Sunehri Masjid Lahore

Sunehri Masjid or Golden Mosque is a splendid mosque located almost in the heart of the walled city Lahore. It is originally known as Tilayee Masjid and is built in 1753 at an elevated plinth level of one-storey, it has three large domes and several small minarets whose tops are covered with gold plated sheets. The Golden Mosque is situated in Kashmiri Bazaar, a famous and oldest market of Lahore and was built under the supervision of Mir Syed Bikhari Khan, son of Raushan-ud-Daula Turrabaz Khan and the chief administrative of Mir Mueenul Mulk. He was better known in history as Mir Munnoo who was the Vice Governor of the Punjab appointed by King Muhammad Shah.

When Nawab Bhikari Khan acquired the property, it was a vacant parcel of land at the chowk (square) of Kashmiri Bazaar. He was required to obtain a special fatwa from Muslim scholars to construct the mosque, as the local authorities have been concerned that the construction of a building in the square would interrupt the flow of traffic.

Sunehri Mosque’s gilded domes and gold-plated minarets attract the people from a large distance. Floor of the Golden Mosques is constructed with pure marble. This mosque of exceeding grandeur is elevated on a higher plinth, surrounded by a very busy bazaar that consists of hundreds of shops of artificial jewelry, clothes, fancy and bridal dresses, shoes, traditional garments, cultural accessories, and traditional Lahore’s food outlets.