Swat-A Heaven On Earth


Pakistan is a land of green valleys and high mountains so full of beauty and charm of their own. Though in Pakistan there are a lot of visiting places which are worth seeing but the Swat valley is considered to be one of the most richly blessed beautiful part of Pakistan. Swat is located in the middle of the foot hills of Hindukush. It is a paradise like valley and also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Though when we go on more height we can find even more beautiful valleys in Pakistan but Swat is one of the most green land of Pakistan.

The Swat valley is whole surrounded by the giant green trees and sky touching mountains. The fruit laiden trees and growing on both the sides of the roads which look so beautiful and present a true picture of paradise on earth. In Swat Mangora and Saido Shareef are the famous town areas. In Mangora, there is a big market having beautiful embroidered dresses and Shawls for women, jewellary made with beautiful stones and many handicrafts are a source of real attraction for the people who visit Swat.


Tourists from all over the world come to Pakistan to visit this beautiful valley and their visit also give profit to Pakistani government in the field of tourism.

In summer, it is a blessing to visit Swat when the River Swat is running side by the roads. In winters the whole valley is covered with snow and the snow capped mountains look even more beautiful.

In winters outdoor activities of peoples become limited due to snow all over but the hard working people of Swat either migrate less cold areas in search of work or start their own home industry of art and craft where women and men work together.

The habitants of Swat are hard working and tough people as the bear the extreme weather of the region. They prefer to  eat meat  because it keeps their body warm in extreme weather. The inhabitants of Swat mostly so animal breeding and they take their cattle to the nearly meadows to graze. In evening when the sun is setting the scene beauty of Swat is worth seeing and one cannot help himself admiring the beauty of Almighty Allah’s creation.