Switzerland of the region – Swat

The meaning of a great vacation is a place where you wish you could live your life forever. One such place is the valley of Swat, the literal Switzerland of the east. Swat is a district in N.W.F.P, Pakistan known for its lush tall green mountains, pristine rivers and heavenly waterfalls.

Swat is around 10 hours drive from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, but this ride has its own advantages for you will get to see breathtaking scenery and will want to get out from your car after every 5 mins. The main attractions of Swat include Malam Jabba (the ski resort), Miandam, Kalam and Behrain. Each of these locations is a beauty in itself and deserves enormous praise of God. Swat is famous for warm shawls, handicrafts, honey and dry fruits.

Swat is also popular for hiking and mountain treking so all the adventure loving folk out there, be sure to live the time of your life at this exhilerating Eden but the first thing to do in Swat is to sit back, relax on the wooden beds (khatlas in urdu) which are specially placed over the flowing river and eat delecious pakoras (local delicacy) and french fries while admiring the crystal water underneath. You can find all sorts of modern facilities at Swat which you wont find in other northern areas.  Few years back, Swat was occupied by the Taliban but the army has cleared all the area of any terrorist activity and is now buzzing with tourists every summer. In fact, a lot of locals are of the opinion that there is almost no crime in Swat.

The food of Swat is traditional, spicy and tantalizing. The hotels are the best in Swat. The valley of Swat has deep roots in culture, history and civilization. It is also said that Buddhism had huge holds in this part of the area. That is why you can find Buddhist ruins at some places at Swat. Alexander the Great also came to this valley once. The people of Swat are humble and strong built. It is preferable to visit Swat in summers because the roads are blocked in winters.

Swat is truly the Switzerland of Pakistan, a cheaper Switzerland that is. Sometimes, you will be able to see horses, goats and all tame animals on fields which will remind you of your connection to nature. Swat will remain engraved in your memories forever and you will want to come here all over again.