Thandiani- true beauty of nature:

A series of 2700m woody edges northeast to Abbottabad is known as “Thandiani” it is the northeast of most of hill stations known as “Gallis”. Thandiani in Urdu means “cool” and this name is perfect for this place as it remains cool throughout the year and pleasant breeze blow every time. It is very peaceful place and is best for those who like serene places. If you would like to go such places which are free from crowed then you must have to go to “Thandiani”. It is the best place for couples and also for those who are nature lovers. There is greenery all around and resulted in thick forest and you can go for a walk in the dense forest and can have a best chance to explore the wildlife and a good chance to see the wild animals and birds.

It is about 1 and a half hour drive on good and decent road. This beautiful hill station is just 24 km and can easily be accessed from Abbattabad. The scenery on the way to Thandiani and also up there is breathtaking and wonderful. The road gets steeper as you go forward, you will see the beautiful and stunning sights of the Abbottabad. There are tall and green trees on the way and small caves that are the homes of the wildlife. British discovered Thandiani but later on they forgot it and only discovered it as a beautiful hill station. In Thandiani there are just few shops and one basic guesthouse, a television booster is at the top and a Pak Air Force Radar. There are beautiful views of the surrounding region like Swat forests, Chitral region, Hazara region, Gilgat range and Abbottabad itself. There is not a great hustle and bustle of the tourist but you can enjoy the beauty of the nature in a very peaceful and calm environment.