Thandiani-Yet another heaven in Pakistan

It would not be an exaggeration to call Thandiani a heaven on the earth. It is a beautiful valley with lush green trees and high mountains. The valley is covered all over with snow capped mountains and serves as a favorite tourism spot of the visitors from all over the Pakistan.

In the east of the valley behind river Kunhar there is a beautiful range of Swat Mountains. In the northeast side there are wonderful mountain ranges of Kohistan and Kaghan. Thandyani is a wonderful place to visit especially in the summers when from all over the Pakistan visitors come here to refresh their minds. In winters the whole valley is covered with snow which makes it look so beautiful but due to the extreme cold weather the life stucks so it is advised to the tourists to make a plan to visit the valley in summers.

Thandyani also comprises in itself a lot of wild life including leopards, monkeys and flying squirrels etc. It is a wonderful experience to see the natural beauty of Thandyani while living between its wild lives. Thandyani is located near to Abbotabad and the distance from Abottabad to Thanaiani is almost 2 hours but the whole journey becomes a life time memory of a person due to the beauty of the nature it has.

Before reaching Thandyani one passes through a famous place known as Kala Pani, it has a beautiful huge river and serves as an ideal place for the photography. A scenic view of Kalaa Pani is so much heart catching and inspiring that it is no doubt a blessing for those who want a change or a break from the dull and drab boring life.

The beauty of the valley is difficult to express in words .Those who are the nature lover are recommended to must pay a visit to it, the memories which indeed become a bliss in the solitude.