Anyone who has visited Karachi and has not visited Sandspit beach deserves to go to Karachi again. Bordering Karachi are these enthralling waves called the Sandspit beach which is a part of the Arabian Sea.  This is the spot where you’ll find crystal waves and soft sand which is a perfect combination for a hot summer day

One thing unique about these waters which you wont find in any part of the world are the horse and camel rides. You could gallop away on a horse like a King or if you’re   feeling really adventurous, you could ride a camel and feel the thrill for yourself. The best time to visit this beach are in the months of January – May or in between September – November. If you buy a hut on this beach, you could enjoy seeing the stars at night or walk in the soft sand and wake up in the morning to hear the sounds of the birds chirping at the sight of dawn.

This sight and the sunset at the beach are incomparable and can only be witnessed by yourself, no one can describe the serenity felt at that time. If you visit this beach on the nights of full moon, you could also catch a site of turtles laying eggs or returning to the sea which are almost as big as dogs.

When returning from this breath taking beach, one can but only wonder about nature’s spell binding architecture and remember these words by Wordsworth , ‘But beauty seen is never lost’. One of the best thing about Sandspit is that it provides free entertainment to the citizens of the country, people from all economical backgrounds come and enjoy here with delecious cusines such as Biryani, Nihari etc and spend an unforgettable evening with their friends and families. The water on the beach is pristine and warm, ideal for soaking your feet or going for a swim.

Since its spread over  a vast area, you will find yourself at complete privacy with your friends or family. Its also a famous place for teenagers who come for partying and entertainment! You could soak yourself in water or merely walk by the sea forgetting about all your troubles and taking in the energy of the sea.

So the next time, if you visit Pakistan and happen to stop by Karachi, don’t forget to visit Sandspit beach and marvel at this hidden gem of the Arabian sea! Arabian Sea. This is the spot where you’ll find crystal waves and soft sand which is a perfect combination for a hot summer day.