The Artificial Lake- Banjosa(Rawalakot)


Sunset view of Banjosa Lake


     The artificial, cool, very beautiful lake,today and in the past is a center of attraction for the tourists. It is approximately 20 kilometer from the city of Rawalakot in district poonch Azad Kashmir. The altitude of the lake is 1,981 meters (6,499 ft).

    The scenic beauty with impressive surroundings is very attractive and compelling for the tourists to enjoy the nature full of its extent.The beautiful surroundings and artificial lake reflects the dense forest standing along the surroundings of the   resting calm waters of Banjosa Lake. The pleasure by pass in the way of Banjosa, these worth seeing areas of Banjosa are Jandali, Devi gali, hussain kot. These areas are on the destinations of 3km, 4km, 12km accordingly.These three places are portray rich and also inherent the natural beauty for the visitors awaiting for a comfortable stay.

     Another place, Ghorimar on the distance of 20 kilometer from the place Khaigala have its own natural beauty, overlooking the    sub-valley of Rawalakot and Bagh.


Rawalakot city is the capital of the district poonch Azad Kashmir. A road connection with Rawalpindi and Islamabad connects via neighboring districts of Azad Pattan and Dhalkot and with the other with Muzaffarabad via Kohalla and  Sudhangali.

Banjosa lake view


      The people around the world have different connection of some sort with this part of the world. The number of people immigrated from Rawalakot to the places like London and Sussex.

     The only place in the world for clean water come from the earth is  from the place in district poonch, with the name ‘Tattapani‘  in which the 110 degrees centigrade clean water comes from the earth.

Beautiful Scene