The City Of Saints

Multan is considered as one of the ancient and historical city of the world famous for the tombs and shrines of Sufis and Oliya-e-ikrams. Multan is generally known as the “city of Sufis”, city of saints and also it is honored as “Madina Tul Oliya.” The very first name of the city which is available in the ancient books is Moltan. The Multan is also famous for its sweets mangoes in all over the world. The city is full of masques and tombs; also the historical bazaars and many handcrafted products are available which is usually made by camel skins.

The people of Multan are sweet like cotton and mangoes because of the very huge production of cotton and mangoes in Multan. The Multan is also famous for its Sohan Halwa and its franchises are also in the European countries. The cotton of Multan is also famous in all over the world that’s why the cotton industry is much flourished in Multan. This is all due to the reason that Multan is situated on the bend created by five rivers of Punjab, the province of Multan

It is said that there are four gifts of Multan city which is always available in Multan and you will find it at many places. These are Gada (beggars), Garma (Heat), Gard (soil) and Goristan (Grave Yards). There are a number of beggars in the city and no one knows from where they come. There is also a high temperature in summer that you cannot bear if you don’t belong to the city. Another important ingredient of Multan is the soil which is always in the air and there is a wide range of grave yard because Multan is the historical city and no one knows how old it is.