Gaddu Berage

Rivers have been playing a very important role in our life. Early civilization flourished beside river banks. River always severed as trade routes. They provide water to the crops. Now a days, barrages and dams are being built on the river to store water and generate electricity.

A barrage is a kind of wall which blocks the flow of water of the river. It has gates through which water is allows to pass in required quantity. A barrage, not only stores water for crops but also control floods during flood season.

We get lot of benefits from a barrage. It stores water for regular supply to the crops throughout the year. Canals are built from a barrage to supply water to the fields where is mostly needed.

In Pakistan, there are many barrages which have been in built in different cities of Pakistan. These barrages beside, are useful for the city but also present a beautiful scenery of the area. As a result, they caused to highly attract the attentions of visitor from Pakistan and also from all over the world.

Guddu barrage is also one of the famous barrages of Pakistan. The guddu barrage has been built on the river Indus. It is 1355m in length. A flood of 1.2 million cusec can pass through it. It irrigates 2.7 million acres of land in Sindh and in Balochistan. The road over the barrage is 7m wide and it reduces the distances between Lahore and Quetta and Rahim Yar Khan and Kashmore. It was put into operation on 4th Feb. 1962.

The Guddu barrage has a system of 3 canals. 2 canals on the right bank are among the biggest canal in the world. They irrigate a vast area of Sindh and Balochistan.

The rivers have many benefits but 2 great problems are caused by rivers and barrages. Firstly, it is a problem to supply water to the crops evenly throughout the year. Secondly, during flood season, overflowing rivers destroy crops and population.