The Jahangir’s Tomb

Subcontinent is ruled by thousands of Mughal emperors. King Jahangir is one of the kings who ruled subcontinent with super honored .he was an expert he king, he established many building during ruling times. He died in 1627 and mausoleum is situated in the town of shahdara bagh, in Lahore, Pakistan. Jahangir‘s son built his father’s tomb. This monument is built in ten years and it c. This mausoleum is embellished with beautiful walled with the gardens. His tomb has four miners with height of 30 meters. The interior of the tomb id decorated with the frescoes and Dura inlay and colored marbles, the mausoleum has two massive gates ways of stones and there is masonry on both side of the tomb, which leads to a square enclosure as the Akbar serai. The tomb is traversed by four bricked canals.

There are many fountains in the canals, they all are ruined now. The corridor of the mausoleum is adorned with the classic mosaic which is related with Taj Mahal were decorated with flowers and Quran verses. The interior of the mausoleum is decorated with white marble of sarcophagus on either sides the wrought is decorated with flowers and beautiful designs. The ninety nine names of attributes of GOD are laid in black. Emperor Jahangir was buried in his beloved wife Queen NOOR JAHAN’S old pleasures garden know as Dilkhush garden. Tomb is design by Queen NOOR JAHAN. It is sad that that beloved wife has been separated from the king. The tomb of the NOOR JAHAN was ruining due to neglancetion of our government.