It has become difficult to a common person to arrange both ends meet. In order to give relief to the peoples from ever-increasing prices and to provide essential commodities at cheaper rates, Juma Bazaars are arranged at Karachi.

In Karachi, Juma Bazaars are held at different points of city as Karimabad, North Nazimabad, Gulistan-e-Johor, GulshuneIqbal, PECHS etc. a Juma bazaar offers the scene of fair of exhibition. It is held in a big open space. Various kinds of people come there to sell their goods. But they cannot their shops where ever they like. The Juma Bazaars of each area has its organizing committee. They look after the methodical arrangement of the shops. Each kind of shops is assigned a particular so that the buyers may know where they will find the things they want. The shops are arranged in rows with sufficient space between them. The space is meant for the passage of buyers. Beside some big manufacturing firms and companies also set up their stalls to display and sell their products. Of course, shopkeepers have to pay a reasonable rent for the services.

Hundreds of peoples visit Juma Bazaar on every Friday. Customers find a rich variety of commodities here. The busiest corner of Juma Bazaar for the general consumer is where poultry, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables are available at quite lower prices. Women throng in large number and make their weekly purchase of onions, potatoes, vegetables, etc of their household things. The shops remain open all the day long. There are shops of dolls, luxury goods, brass and bell-metal things, shoes, sandals, wooden things and what not? Cosmetic shops and garments shops are the busiest shops of the Juma Bazaar. Readymade garments are also available there. The venders are found crying at the top of their voice to sell articles.

Juma Bazaar is place of great attraction for the children because there are cold-drinks and ice-creams for them.

The local authorities should make better plan to improve them.