Ther Desert of Sindh, Pakistan

Thar Desert is located in sindh province near Indian boarder. It is usually known as “Tharparkar” that are two words combined in a word, thar means shara and Parkar means dosri taraf(another side). It has linkage between both countries India and Pakistan for which it is called Thaparkar, but there is different school of thoughts in this regard. It has diverse cultural and traditional values due to presence of different sects and culture in the desert. It has its own music, tradition and folk tales. Karon jhar is the only hill in the desert that is located on the extreme corner of Nagar Parkar taluqa. Hills have height of 300 meters and are twenty kilo meters in length. The month of April, May and June are the hottest months in the tharparkar as it is tropical climate. In this temperature is 24 degree and in April to June average temperature is 41 degree. Monson months are the rainy season in desert and in winter rains are beside the point. Rainfalls are the major deposits of tharparkar as water obtained from it is used for washing, drinking and other major problems of the desert. Water filled in tobas is useful for its residential as the toba dry the move to another place of desert for accommodating their lives. It is impossible in tharparkar to found underground water and if luckily it may be found it is sour and couldn’t be used. Tharparkar is the great place for tourist those want to discover hidden realities and history of hindus in the region. Where tips of two hills join each other is called Goamakhi in the shape of cow in north area. It is associated with hindu ruitals. Chandan Gud fort is built by Rana Chandan in Tharparkar. It is a great place to visit.