Top Shopping Malls

Karachi is continuously positioned as the cheapest city in the world for shopping by the leading newspaper, magazine and media outlets. If your next target for holiday is Karachi and are looking for the best shopping in great shopping malls then in Karachi you will find the best shopping places.

Park Tower

Park Tower Mall: one of all the most famous shopping malls in Karachi is Park Tower. It is situated at Clifton, and has more than 1500 shops, this mall is very beautifully designed and also has car showrooms and small restaurants, there is KFC and huge McDonald branch, and it will give you dinning after shopping.

Dolmen Mall

Dolmen Mall: it is located at the most busiest road Tariq road and has more than 500 shops providing branded and unbranded items. Some of the most famous brands like Stonage and Dockers, Levi’s are present here. Dolmen Mall as compared to Park Mall attracts more shoppers. There are two restaurants and different number of book shops there. This is the best mall for serious shoppers.


The Forum Mall: it is not as big as Part Tower and Dolmen Mall people that come to the forum belongs to the elite class and there are large number of branded shops like Dockers, Levi’s, Cambridge, Stonage, Lacoste and many others.

Millinium Mall

Millennium Mall: this mall is not only for shopping but also for fun loving activities. It has kid’s fun, different restaurants, KFC, bowling arena. It is the best place for shopping lovers as well fun lovers.

Dolmen Centre: it is the older brother of Dolmen Mall situated at Tariq road. It was the initial project of the organization and after its success Dolmen Mall was constructed, it is not very lavishing but there is also some good shops and mainly shops there are for men and offers good stuffs.