Travel Pakistan- Sakrdu

Sakardu is beautiful piece of Pakistan and located in Baltistan on the Indus River. It is the beautiful visiting spot in northern area. Sakardu is very popular for mountaineering expeditions. It is popular for high trekking. You may trek K2, Baltoro glacier and some more hiking points are over there.  Flights are also scheduled from Islamabad to sakrdu but it depends on whether condition. It has its own heart touching scenery. Rugged mountain and dunes sand has embraced the valley. The most visited trekking spots by local travels and visitors are Shangri-la and Saptara Lake nearby sakrdu. In June and July season sakrdu is its boom. It is like heavenly place for trekkers as it has the world’s highest peaks. Deosai plains are the second highest peak in the world after Tibet of change Tang. Safari jeeps are used for going Deosai Plains. Two main gateways to the snow covered glacier are Hushe Valley and Askole for K2 and Trango towers. Trango, Baltoro and Bafio glaciers are also in the way of these valleys.

Shigar fort in shigar village was small kingdom in skardu where local rulers were used to live but now prince Agha showed interest and renovated the fort. Shigar village is small beautiful village harvested with all types of crops. It is cultural and historical hub for the region. It has beautiful resort for tourists.  Sakardu has busiest bazzar one of which is new bazzar and it is situated behind the yadgar chowk.  At first glance sakrdu looks like dusty town but it has multiple and colorful ethnicity. Most of the residential have balti ethnicity. It has very adequate weather condition; October to April is the peak season for tourist.   Winters are severe in sakardu temperature goes at -10 so it’s better to visit sakardu during April to October.