Traveling in Pakistan- Texilla Museum

Pakistanis a historic country and has several historic places Taxilla museum is one of them. No one can ignore the historic importance of taxilla, it is located in Punjab. It is 35 kilo meter away from main city ofIslamabad.  Taxilla is famous for Gandhara art. You will find lot more information by visiting Taxilla museum. It is the mixture of many cultures. Material exhibited in taxilla museum is collected from the different parts of the taxilla and it is beautifully organized in Greek style. There are 4000 objects are displayed in the museum that is formed of stone, mud, terracotta, silver, gold and iron.

Museum has comprehensive collection of Buddhist sculpture from first to seventh century and it is generally known as Gandhara art. All the main collection of object is excavated sites from taxilla. Some of the objects are donated from Ram Das collection and some from police and custom authorities.

Residential of twin cities visit taxilla for collecting valuable information from the taxilla museum as well from taxilla city. Educational trips from all over the country visit this historic place and get benefited from valued information about cultural heritage. Gurdawara in Taxilla is the great attraction for Sikhhis where they com for worship. Sikh community from all over the world comes in Gurdawara Taxilla for worship. Telefilms and educational dramas are also recorded in taxila.  The well known engineering university is also located in taxilla city. It is famous for engineering studies and students from different cities are come to obtain engineering degree from theTaxilaUniversity. Taxilla is rich cultural and historic place.

It has also wide shopping markets, and you can shop historic items, pictures, and symbolic pieces from there which represents its historic importance. You can enjoy there and learn as well about history of taxilla city.

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