Upper Kachura Lake- Anglers Delight

upper kuchura lake

In the Skardu district of Gilgit Baltistan is Kachura lakes. It is actually the two lakes at 8,200 ft (2500 m) in elevation and are termed as upper Kachura Lake and Lower Kachura Lake, lower Kachura lake is also known as Shangrila Lake and is inside a tourist resort naming Shangrila resort situated outside the city of Skardu.

lower kachura lake

The lakes are founded in western Himalayas the Karakorum Mountain range which are greater Kashmir region and are at the base of Indus River. Upper Kachura Lake consists of clear and visible water having depth of 230 ft (70 meters). In summer it has a pleasant temperature of 15 degree Celsius while in winter the lake is entirely frozen.

Beauty of upper Kachura Lake can’t be described in words and travelers feel like heaven on earth, they explained the lake as a lake of immense beauty and peace. This area is bestowed with rich floral of “western Himalayan subalpine conifer forestecoregion”. This area is also famous for wild apricot, orchards and other juicy fruits. At upper kachura lake the recreational activities include hiking, Himalaya mountaineering and trout fishing. Tourist in their reviews express that there is no better place than upper Kachura Lake for trout fishing making it an anglers delight giving the indescribable feelings. Don’t forget to visit this paradise whenever you plan trip to Northern Pakistan.

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