Valleys of Hindukahs and Himalayas:

The Murree Gallies and Hills are about 55km from Islamabad; it is the most famous summer resort in Pakistan at an altitude of 2,286 m. This is equipped will all modern facilities and have perfect Himalayas atmosphere having good communication network. Golf courses, resort hotels, cable cars, Murree and Gallies are the magnificent places away from the hot weather of summer in plan areas. In Kaghan Valley a holiday is an amazing experience, its lakes, dales, peaks, waterfalls, glaciers, streams, all are unbelievable things. These valleys are stretches to 155 km rising from height of 2,134 m to its elevated point, at height of 4,173 m from Babusar Pass.

Swat’s lush green valleys, has very rich historical past. This is the garden of ancient Hindu epics; it is the land of alluring beauty, where some of the major battles are won by Alexender. This is the “valley of hanging chairs” as explained by popular Chinese pilgrims.  In natural beauty the Azad Kashmir is the competitor of Swat and Kaghan valley. At the Northern edges of Punjab from the plains of Mirpur it is extended to the outlays of Himalaya’s foothills to the mountains at 6000 m above sea level. There are three main rivers the Neelam, Jehlum and Poonch. On the Hindukash Mountain Chitral valley is like a crown with its highest peaks, unique culture and green pastures. Chitral has a great attraction for trekkers, mountaineers, anthropologist and naturalists are all similar.

Kalash valley is the main attraction of the Chitral. Kalash is also called the home of the “wearers of the black robes” it is a primitive pagan tribe.