Visiting places of Hunza Valley

Hunza valley is the most beautiful place to visit and have many places to see. Some of these beautiful places are.

Rakaposhi Base Camp: One of the beautiful mountains of Pakistan is Rakaposhi, in Nagar Valley it is 27th highest mountain, and you can hire a jeep or can take a local bus and will charge you just 50 PKR or $1 USD from Ganish / karimabad to Minapin that is about 25 km west from Ganish Hunza, there is a walk of 30 minutes from Minapur to Dirtan Hotel. There is a trek of 5 hours to the Rakaposhi Base Camp. This is very simple trek and there is no need of any guide. But it is best to hire a guide from Ganish a beautiful place Tagha Fari here you can stay in the Rakaposhi Base Camp, in the lap of Rakaposhi it is the beautiful place. This is a trek of two days.

Diran Base Camp: one of the most beautiful mountains in the Gilgat Baltistan, from Rakaposhi Base Camp it takes an hour trek to reach Base Camp. It is strongly recommended to hire a guide because this is very technical trek.

Hoper Glacier: from Ganish hoper Glacier is about 5 km, it takes about 30 minutes by jeep and 3 hours by walk. In Nagar valley Hoper Valley is the most beautiful village. Situated on the brink of the glacier and there is no need of any guide on this trek.

Passue and Gulmit: this trek can be done by a nice safari jeep in almost 2 hours; it is a simple one so no needs to hire any guide.

Khunjrab Pass: from Ganish it takes about 3 hours to reach to Khunjarab, it is also known as zero point. It is on higher altitude and is the China Pakistan Boarder and is very unique in its form.