Wazir Khan Mosque Lahore:

Wazir khan mosque is one of the famous mosques in Pakistan. It is situated in Lahore, and it was constructed by Hakim, a viceroy of Punjab in seven years from 1634-1635 AD in the supremacy of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The name of this mosque was after the name of Lahore governor Ilm-ud-din ansari also known as Nawab Wazir Khan. This mosque is situated near the Dehli gate of Lahore. And can also be accessed from a gate that lead to the open space and serve as bazaar. Stairs take you to the high platform where this mosque is situated. This mosque is rest on the grave of Saint Miran Badshah, and his tomb is situated in the large main courtyard, there is also an ablution tank.

There are shops all around the mosques, houses, a serai and a large hammam and its income provide support. The main masjid is constructed from brick and tiles and is very well known for its good and colorful decoration for kasha work and paints. Its designs include floral motifs and calligraphy. Wazir khan masjid is separated in five parts and every part is opened in the main large courtyard and are enclosed by doom. The main and the central prayer hall is larger among all the other parts and is symbolized by high pishtaq or by framed porch, projected from the front.

The mosque is popular for its wide glassy architectural terracotta and has four octagonal minarets at four corners. Each minaret is 107 feet in height and symbolizes four corners of the courtyard. All the four minarets are embellished with mosaic tiles made from Arabic calligraphy and floral motifs. A small tile similar to brick is used in the building of the mosque in the place of stones. One of the unusual aspects of the mosque that there are 12 shops in the mosque and that were in the plan of the mosque. This is the first mosque to add shops in its design.