Zamzama- A Food District


There are different incredible upscale restaurants in the city which offers you a wide variety of different cuisines. Majority of the upper end restaurants are situated within one of the main hotel of the city like Pearl continental, Sheraton and Avari Tower and also in the fashionable shopping area of Zamzama in Defense.


Zamzama is the area where famous, rich and well off people like to hangout. Zamzama is like a house to the hippest and trendiest cafes of the city. There all the young and hip community likes to hang out in their designer’s and branded cloths and prepare themselves very beautifully and give themselves very stylish look. Zamzama in the city is also the home to the more exclusive and high end dinning places in the city, and some of the most expensive and best restaurants of the country is located on this avenue. There are different cafes like Aylanto, Espresso, Chatterbox and Butlers Chocolate Café the only one chocolate café of the town is also located there this chocolate cafe is an Irish chain. Some of the older popular restaurants are Arizona Grill and Roasters, Copper cattle are still popular there. For the best dinning the most famous places are Okra, Fuchsia and Bann Thai. In addition to these restaurants there are also different fast food outlets and the most famous one are Dominos, Subway and Pizza hut.