Ziarat-attraction of Pakistan


At a distance of 3 hours from Quetta, Ziarat is located. Due to its pleasant cool weather it is the most famous summer retreat. The literary meaning of Ziarat is “Shrine” and it is so called due to Khwari baba, his shrine is situated there he was a local saint of Ziarat. There are different beautiful rest houses spread through the entire area. There is not any rest house that does not show off single yard covered by lush green grass and spotted by cherry tress producing juicy fruits and are free to pick. Some are constructed on very high places giving you the entire view of the whole valley. Some of the most beautiful mark of the rest houses is that you no need take your own food while going for hiking.

Light rain is common throughout the day, while nights are normally clear and one can spend the few hours by just staring and laying under cover of the star filled sky. It will be very foolishness if someone goes there and does not carry a pairs of warm socks, gloves and sweaters and warm clothes. It is also very cold even in summer, in winter it snows significantly.

Juniper forest is the 2nd largest forest in the world and is situated in the area. This forest is almost as old as 5,000 years. The beautiful landscape adds beauty to the scenery and represents a very beautiful view in winter when covered with snow all around. These are also used in different medicines for the treatments of different disease.