Ziarat Bhalochistan

Ziarat is a hill station in Sibi District a province in Baluchistan, it name means “shrine”, kharwari Baba a local saint is thought to have lived in this valley and blessed this valley. After his death he was buried in this area. From Ziarat town saint’s shrine is 10 km by jeep and people come and visit it. Ziarat is at a distance of 13km from Quetta and above the sea level it has an altitude 2449m.

In the Sibi district Ziarat is a holiday and picnic resort and is also one of the largest and oldest forests in the world. It is believed that some of the tress of Juniper is as old as 5000 years; the tress in this forest grow an inch every year and now this forest is under threat, the other name of Ziarat is Juniper valley. Most spoken language is Pashtu in Ziarat, “sijji” is their local dish, in the summer this valley is quite cool and there is a heavy snowfall in winter. Mostly in winter there is no business but in summer the charm and beauty of business came back. So, in winter heavy woolen clothing is highly recommended and light woolen clothing in the summer.

In Juniper and Ziarat valley there is a very good opportunity of trekking and hiking for the hiking lovers. There are various things that give you fun and adventure during summer, during winter season due to the heavy snowfall this valley is also famous. Ziarat town itself gives you opportunities for trekking and hiking. There is very little wildlife and that includes markhor, falcons, eagles and balochistan bears.